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Writing a Book: The Importance of the World and Its Role in Storytelling

1. entourage.

Ancient castles, swords, and long dresses of ladies are, of course, always beautiful. Except that without the other elements of the Middle Ages - cultural customs and rituals, traditions, without a representation of the place of action (historical and "natural", without its connections to the outside world), without religious beliefs or mythology - castles, swords and dresses will remain only castles, swords and dresses. On "lords" and "ladies" you will write my paper for me in 3 hours not get far. Entourage - beauty and an exquisite sense of the world - is made up of so many little things, including food, authentic descriptions of everyday life, flora and fauna... And so on.

2. atmosphere and mood.

Entourage is usually visual details. And here the atmosphere and mood are created by legends and stories told on a rainy evening by a hot fireplace, short autumn days and long dark nights, strange phenomena and ordinary events, in which a drop of magic or the expectation of a miracle intervenes. And write papers for money all this is an integral part of the world, human, divine, "natural."

3. The narrative framework .

...beyond which one cannot escape at will. If there is no magic in the world, then the characters will have to make it on their own, not wait for miracles. If the world is a desert, then there must be big problems with water, with washing (and the heroes look and feel accordingly). This also includes, for example, research paper writing help the means of transportation - and the days spent on the journey, and the hiking conditions and troubles.

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